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Many people are (understandably) concerned about their private data being publicly searchable online.

There are ways to guard against personal information being found on the Web; see How to Guard Your Web Privacy for more information.

All the information found using this site is collated from somewhere on the Web, whether that be a phone directory, public records cache, social networking sources, or other informational listings.

As stated, all the information found on this site comes from publicly accessible record sources online.

As stated previously in this article, it's just simply good sense to be safe on the Web in order to avoid these kind of situations.

However, please note that even if you are able to block your information from being on Zabasearch, it is still freely available online to anyone who takes the time to search for it.Zabasearch simply pulls this information into one convenient place. Many states make voter registration records available to the public, so this is another way your information gets out.If you've ever filled out a form online, that information eventually makes its way on to the Web.Zabasearch is a useful search tool that focuses on finding only data related to individual people (names, addresses, phone numbers).You can use Zabasearch as a tool when you're trying to find someone online, or simply as a way to verify an address.

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