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Especially when you consider widely-recognized behavioral economics like Prospect Theory which has earned its credibility from the strength of one simple recognition: when it comes to the average person, losses hurt more than gains feel good.

Despite the temporary high you get from artificially inflating your alternatives, and despite what conventional conduct might pressure you into thinking, one of the worst things you can do at the outset of a relationship is make someone feel like the victim of a good ol’ fashioned bait-and-switch.

Regisseur René Duursma maakt een 50 minuten durende film gebaseerd op de muziek van Tamango. - sine nomine / loco / anno = zonder naam [van uitgeverij] / plaatsnaam / jaartal.

Tinder, and most of the honest dating planet, is based upon the premise that romantic pursuit is usually prompted, or at least invigorated by an impression of physical attractiveness.

If people experience an unpredictable or downward-trending disconnect between initial and ongoing impressions of physical attractiveness, they can be easily distracted by confusion, disappointment and resentment.

Meindert Talma was mede-oprichter (in 1996) en redacteur van de Afkortingen: KBr en KBDH - Koninklijke Bibliotheek Brussel resp.

Den Haag; LR - Lectuur Repertorium; PCG en PCNL - Poëziecentrum Gent resp.

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