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Since I probably won't go off to New York and experience what Lucy does, at least I can read about it! Since this is her first novel, I am hoping she has a long career writing fun romance novels. It will be fun to see what happens in the sequence (there HAS to be a sequel... )Ginny For me, Dating the Devil was an enjoyably fun, fast paced read that I found myself coming back to even when I wasn't on the subway (which I rarely ever do. She is willing to be the reigning queen of hell -- for a guy? If it is, and there is a sequel, I am not sure I would read it.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Run like the wind.Ro Darn OP, if you weren't in Canada,i'd swear you ran into my ex.... As sad as it is, it's the best thing that could havehappened to you. Don't worry about White Dehlia ~ she keep us all on our toes. this really hurt me, but i got into thinking..whole relationship was about her. you will find the right one, maybe somewhere else, but they are out there and they will treat you the way you deserve to be treated! They can't see anything wrongwith themselveswanting to make all the decisions. I'd guess you had some fun, some good times, some fond memories ~ few photos I know you don't want to look at them now ~ but stash them back ~ Graduation Photos! ~ That really hurt for awhile ~ then I woke up and thought ~ Hey! With some people ~ you can never do enough or be enough to satify them. she saw me when she wanted, we had sex when she wanted everything was about her. don't give upget a grip op..just got hung up with a loser...thank god above she dumped you(before you married her)..on..many fish in the sea to worry about it!!! It's perfectly normal for them to think the world revolvesaround them. There's nothing that can make a man as angry as a woman ~ but you got to let that go. The movie focuses on a "crazy party lake" where "piranhas start attacking," and, according to Jessica, the most frightening scenes featuring her character verge on vérité: Asked if she ever felt silly doing all that horror-flick screaming, she laughs."When you're working on a lake and it's dark and cold out and you can't see what's underwater, it is freaking scary!"Jessica embraced the chance to play a new character, but she says that, long-term, she'd be happy to switch to movies or stay on TV."For me," she explains, "it's just about telling a story."It can be a little awkward," she admits, "when all of a sudden [you have feelings for] someone you'd call to talk about a different boyfriend.

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