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Emma moves to claim a bigger place in Ben's life and she's relieved when he takes off his wedding ring.

With Dave expanding his business and gaining a new premises and a new employee, he has high hopes, however what Dave considers chivalry is what Frankie considers sexism.

At first she's thrilled — until she learns how he really feels.

When talking to Sian, Frankie admits the truth about who she is really trying to suppress her feelings for.

When Elisha begins blackmailing Ted, he turns to Donna for advice.

Matters of the heart are front and centre on Valentine's Day.

Ben has trouble asking Emma to stay the night, which is another bridge to cross in his grieving process.

Retta implements a savings plan so she and Carbo can put a deposit down on a house.

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The deadline for Julie's article is getting closer and she decides to procrastinate when she can't think of anything to write about.

The date gets off to a rocky start when Ted arrives at the wrong venue, however Ben is to the rescue, which leaves Emma smitten.

The pressure between Emma and Ben gets even worse when those three little words are muttered - and someone misses the moment to reciprocate.

His final episode aired 5 February 2013, the series 100th episode.

Sheridan is expected to return on a recurring basis in season six.

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