Deal breakers dating

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Born in Auburn, New York in September 1867, Hurlburt was initially hired as an electrician at Auburn Prison – the first prison to host an execution by way of electrocution, that of William Kemmler on August 6, 1890.Hurlburt watches and works the dials, bringing the voltage up, down, then up again. “In the hot seat,” a phrase derived from the notion of death by the electric chair, now describes unpleasant personal or professional predicaments.The prisoner spasms as the voltage rises and falls. Hurlburt cuts the power and the doctor steps forward, stethoscope in hand. A scent of burned flesh hangs in the air amid a deafening silence. Old blues standards name-check “the chair,” the final destination for many an African-Americans through history.But he’s gritting his teeth and a thin sheen of sweat adorns his stern face. Hurlburt slides a leather helmet over Miller’s carefully-shaven head. He connects a cable, ensures the wingnut is finger-tight, that the electrode is flush against the skin.He wraps a black leather mask round the prisoner’s face and pulls it tight, buckling it round the back of the chair.

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