Delphi xe2 options project updating

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Dan Open Reg Edit, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Embarcadero\BDS.0\Known Packages Find "Intra Web 14.0 Design Package for Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2" Rename it to "__Intra Web 14.0 Design Package for Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2" (add two underline chars to it) Then it won't load the package, and you will discover if it has anything to do with it.I cannot explain why, but the following process seems to have fixed my broken XE2. Uninstall IW (14.1.10) including run Bundled Removal Tool 2.That dialog allows continue Delphi startup or quit or restart. It still is possible that a virus scan (MS Essentials) may have whacked a file. Dan XE2 IW14.1.x Win7-32 I forgot to mention that I had already run the Delphi install in "repair" mode.When that didn't help I ran it again in "change" mode and unchecked AQtime and some other options I don't use.I uninstalled IW, then ran the removal tool, ran the .10 update exe.Then I moved the source files over into the active directory. I can start XE2 with the -r option (-rfoo) and it will start up, indicating that one of the non-default startup packages is a problem.

thread ID=249403&tstart=0 I've been playing around with the Delphi license register program so I've got some other stuff screwed up and will be reinstalling anyway, but thought I'd let you know.No change (I even still got the AQtime error dialog).I'm guessing that's because a "change" will add files but not do partial uninstall.I am not referring to the the library search path the Delphi compiler uses (which I agree should always be set in the build), instead I am referring to the path for the Delphi compiler itself (DCC32.exe/DCC64.exe, resource compiler etc).We are upgrading to a newer version of Delphi and we want to checkout Delphi from our version control system and tell FB where to find it as we do this with as many tools as possible so we can use applicable versions to create updates to older releases of our products with minimal risk. The delphi action uses variables to determine the path to the compiler.

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