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MTV has been criticized for their show 16 and Pregnant, but this show will top that for complaints I am guessing!Tonights episode of 16 and Pregnant follows around a 19 year old that already has a one year old baby who is contemplating and then gets an abortion after finding out she was pregnant for the second time.Arkansas Child Protective Services representatives removed "16 and Pregnant" stars Josh Rendon and his 20-year-old wife Ebony Jackson's two-year-old daughter from the pair's home and Jacksonville police charged the two with misdemeanor child endangerment and drug possession."16 and Pregnant" star Aubrey Wolters was caught shoplifting at an Arizona Wal Mart this week with her baby Austin in tow, and while authorities searched her, they found prescription drugs.The show follows the girls for the last months of pregnancy and for several months after they give birth.Some girls give their baby up for adoption, some girls try to raise their child with the baby's father and some girls struggle as teenage single mothers.

This is the largest known list of its kind, so Enjoy!

Wolters was carrying ADHD drug Ritalin and the painkiller Oxycontin, and she had a prescription for neither, according to Radar Online.

No need to wait mid-season to pull out the crazy or drama.

Bad language, poor behavior and sexual situations are common.

For adults and teenagers, however, 16 and Pregnant shows the unglamorous reality of teenage pregnancy in America.

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