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“Obviously we all ‘perform’ gender to a certain extent, but the baseball cap only has these associations because we assign it that sporty jock meaning.

More often, I’m wearing hats just because I just like the way it looks or I don’t want to do my hair.” In the club or on an app, the idea that a baseball cap tricks romantic partners into thinking you’re some masc bro feels like a stretch.

Impassioned discussions have been had on the subject of whether donning a baseball cap is straight drag, or perpetuates toxic masculinity, or represents internalized homophobia — or whether a hat is just a hat.

A few years ago, I wore a backwards baseball cap to a friend’s birthday celebration at an East Village bar.

Maybe I didn’t like my haircut; maybe I wanted to feel sporty — it feels like a crucial distinction now, but honestly, at the time, it was probably a little of both. Have enough single friends trade enough bad-date war stories, and you’ll eventually hear the one about the guy who, with his hat on, looked like Prince William circa St.

Name a more subversive grift than co-opting the tokens of hetero-sexist culture to land dick.

It’s when the hat’s psychic power becomes a crutch that hatfishing gets in the way of romantic compatibility.

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