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"They've found fossils there before; in fact the machinery operators have learned a good deal about them and carefully annotate any they find with the name of the collector, the date, and the exact place found. Barnes at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.The Whale, however, is one of the largest fossils ever collected anywhere... and is being exposed gradually as the diatomite is mined. What this is all about is whether or not the Old Testament book of Genesis (along with the rest of the Old Testament, and the New Testament) is an accurate account of what happened around 4600 years ago with regard to a worldwide flood and about 6000 years ago with regard to Creation itself.Is the Bible accurate and true or is it just a book of allegorical stories?When the mixture slows down, the sand, mud and clay will spontaneously precipitate (or settle out) and form individual layers.A turbidity current is an underwater mud flow, the discovery of which caused somewhat of a revolution in geology.

One of the strongest pieces of evidence for a worldwide flood is the existence of what Rupke termed "polystrate fossils." Such fossils are found all over the world: especially in and around coal seams.This, coupled with the presence of marine fossils that are buried in many of the layers, tells us that they were deposited by ocean currents by a flood or floods like nothing we have seen in moderns times.We can say for certain that it was the ocean (as opposed to a lake) because of the marine fossils that are buried in much of this strata.Only the head and a small part of the body are visible as yet."In bogs covering glacial deposits in Michigan, skeletons of two whales were discovered ...

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