Dirty chatrooms no login

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He lived a few counties away from me, but in the same state.I don't think we ever phonefucked, but at one point he definitely convinced me to get a webcam, and I would cam for him.At some point I built up the courage to have phone sex with some guys.I would get older guys to give me their number and call it with *67 so they couldn't call me back.I started pushing his cock on my tight asshole and we knew it was time.He lubed up my ass with his fingers and slowly stretched me out a bit. He worked my ass with his fingers for a bit, until I told him to try to get inside me. "He told me he loved me and I responded I love him too.

Despite my post cum remorse, I would always go back.When I go off the bus I saw the him wearing the clothes he described.He wasn't ugly, buy he was certainly a man in his fifties, a bit overweight and stocky.I was not and still do not consider myself gay, but when I get really horny I get in this depraved sense of mind.I'd get horny doing something I think is otherwise disgusting.

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