Disable automatic updating android

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If you play PC games, you do need to update your NVIDIA or AMD graphics drivers regularly — but that’s it.

And both NVIDIA and AMD include automatic driver-updating tools along with the graphics drivers to make this easy.

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I'm a programmer so VBA doesn't scare me, but I'm not going to use it just to copy and paste some cells if I can avoid it...

It’s even more ridiculous — it says our computer’s “Driver Health Is Low! To fix this, we need to update our “HID-compliant mouse” driver.This is a standard type of hardware — you should never need to update this basic mouse driver; it’s included in Windows.Here’s the thing — you don’t actually need to regularly update your drivers.After installation, Driver Update ran a scan and informed us that our computer had 14 out-of-date drivers, many of which are considered “ancient.” This is on a fresh Windows 8.1 system — installed just a few months ago — with the latest drivers available from the manufacturer’s website at the time.There’s no possible way we have “ancient” drivers from 2006 installed.

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