Dll references not updating

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Three printer dots at 203 dpi correspond to 0,3753694581 mm.

But the module width in the print control can be adjusted to 0.375 mm only (no more fractional digits can be specified).

This is done automatically by TEC-IT Barcode Software, so you don't need to do it manually! indicates which package is to be installed INSTALLDIR ....

sets the installation directory of SAPSprint/SAPGUI (optional) SAPLPD_DIR .... quiet Installation (no dialogs) Cross-check test: Use the IP address instead of the host name.

If the printer prints with 200 dpi, set the module width so that it corresponds exactly with an integer multiple of the width of one or more printer pixels.

For example, use 1 pixel (which is equivalent to 0.127mm in this case) for 200 dpi.

In such a case, at least 2 printer pixels should be set for bar codes to achieve a module width of 0.254 mm.Reason: In version 10 the parameters for width and height are relative to the bar code, in previous versions they were relative to the page.Solution: For rotated bar codes the width and height needs to be exchanged (in the print control).It separates the data portions into 2 or more blocks (infos on request). If you want to specify the font of the human readable text to be different you have the following possibilities.The font for a specific bar code type (printer bar code) can be adjusted individually via Print Control parameters.

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