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Sure, he’s a great guy and one from whom she’s thrilled about have been proposed to.But why couldn’t the ring have been one that was exactly that she liked?Here are 3 ways to handle it – with the caveat that this is coming from a guy’s perspective: If this is something you’ll have to wear every day, it might motivate you enough to simply ask him to get another one.Now, this of course would have to be done with extreme tact.If the ring isn’t substantial enough in terms of the stone, or just doesn’t look the way you want it to, it’s a way to compromise feelings.You politely keep the ring as is for a while, and then ultimately get something better.Both people are thrilled and so excited for the future!Amidst the mutual glow of getting engaged, people often start to assess the ring.

This way, the priority is the symbolism and personal meaning of the ring, as opposed the liking the actual physical presence of the ring. Plus, he’ll always know that what he gave you is something that you’ll always be happy with. I think that the best long-term approach is the third one above. It was purchased with love, and is a symbol of one person’s commitment to another and it’s given in a very romantic way.

There were outside consultants that came in, and we met with them on some project. Which I’m guessing is a nice and polite thing to do.

Anyway, toward the end of the meeting, the topic came up that someone on our team got engaged, and of course everyone said “oh CONGRATS!! Honestly, it never crossed my mind and I’m certain it didn’t cross the minds of any other guy in the room. However, one woman seemed especially impressed, the point of openly saying that she wished her fiancée had bought a ring like that.

I know that might be a massively unpopular statement for some, but it’s what I think!

All of this came to mind when I was reminded of a meeting at a former workplace years ago.

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