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Achmed Abdullah letters, 1924 [Captain] (1881-1945). Two letters (TLS) from Achmed Abdullah, pseudonym of Alexander Nicholayevitch Romanoff , a Russian-born writer, to a Mr. Ackerman (Marshall) collection, circa 1904-2001 William Mc Kinley memorabilia, including early and modern day first day covers, other philatelatic items, medals, programs, tickets, postcards, souvenir cards, etc. Acosta (Oscar Z.) papers The Oscar Zeta Acosta Collection contains material reflecting his work as a writer, lawyer and Chicano political activist. 1937-1938, of a British airman, 90 black/white snapshots with captions, mainly of Aden [Yemen]. African American stereoviews, circa 1890s 24 stereoviews, various companies. The dates of her artwork range from the early 1980's to the late 2000's. Allen's experiences in the Pacific, including Japan's surrender in Tokyo Harbor, visit to Nagasaki and other Japanese ports, and thoughts about dropping of the atom bomb.... Mainly correspondence of the Allen Family of Providence, Rhode Island, including scientist Zachariah Allen, his wife Harriet Arnold Allen, their son Judge Henry Wilder Allen, and other family members. Talks about chopping wood, plowing, planting, and other agricultural activities, and making occasional trips to Concord. Guthrie (James J.) - Pear Tree Press Collection The James J. One typescript ms re escape from the Confederate prison camp at Andersonville, n.d.

Seidler, mainly about his novels and short stories. Acosta is most well known as the author of the classic Chicano books (1972), and (1973). Title on cover: "Arabien & Aegypten." 30 albumen prints, with German and French captions, including panoramic view of Aden (Yemen) and other views of countryside; scenes of Cairo, pyramids, and Sphinx. Includes shots of fellow British servicemen, military planes and ships, Aden police and military on camels, dhows and other local boats, many street... Includes scenes such as "Cotton is King, Plantation Scene, Georgia…," and "Down in Dixie," along with many other stereotypical, racist views and captions. Allan Nevins correspondence, 1964-1968 Correspondence, with Wilbur Jacobs (UCSB Professor of History), re the Stephenson-Binkley Prize awarded by the Organization of America Historians, and various UCSB Library staff about his book collection, which UCSB wishes to acquire , 1964-1968. Almaraz (Carlos) and Los Four Ephemera Collection This is a discrete collection containing two boxes of miscellaneous materials that were collected by Charles Schermerhorn in relation to Carlos Almaraz and the Los Four. ] American Civil War volunteer organization list, 1861. Appleton & Company to request that a Supplement to the Popular Science Monthly No. George Bernard Shaw offprint, 1928 September 2 1 offprint of Harry Steinhauer, "'Faust' and 'Peer Gynt'," with lengthy handwritten critique by Shaw, 2 September 1928. Guthrie - Pear Tree Press Collection was purchased in conjunction with the UCSB Libraries 500,000th volume celebration in 1968.

Created by UCSB students, staff, faculty and visitors during the three millionth volume celebration at the UCSB Davidson Library and the Arts Library. upon the civil and military administration in the military Division bordering upon and west of the Mississippi."... Places include Constantine, Tizi Ouzou, El Kantara... One holograph letter written and signed by the Earl de Grey (George F. Also a b/w greeting card, with printed drawing of boats and New York skyline, n.d. Glass Lantern Slides 231 glass lantern slides, a few color, with subjects including adobes, biblical reenactments and scenes, carriages and wagons, cattle, cowboys, horses, Martinique, Mt. Goings / Hauser Family Papers Large number of photographs (2700 ) and related documentation pertaining to the Native American Goings and Hauser families who mainly lived in South Dakota, and Washington. Encampment of California and Nevada GAR, Santa Barbara, California, April 1907," containing photographs and biographical forms of... Griggs and Hanford Families collection, circa 1870s-1921 (bulk 1870-1879) Photographs, deeds and other legal documents re Griggs and Hanford families some pertaining to Santa Barbara, CA and residence at 905 E. Guide to the Chicano graphic novels collection The collection includes 57 graphic novels created, illustrated and/or written by Chicano artists. Hardin (Garrett) Papers Comprised of 84 document boxes of Human Ecology Professor Garrett Hardin.

1847-1923, 1983] (bulk dates 1850s-1860s) The collection includes correspondence, photographs, officer biographies, newspaper clippings, muster rolls, and other miscellany. Includes contributions to a collaborative communal book. Also, pair of gloves purportedly worn to a Presidential reception, shook hands with Pres. Smith and the Honorable Henry Stanbury as Special Commissioners "to investigate and report … I., saying that he feels unqualified to pass judgment on Morrow's theory of space. Includes images of people, street scenes, markets, gardens, festivals, Koranic schools, desert, oases, cavalry, and camel corps. Field on mourning stationery, dated two days after the treaty settling the Alabama claims was signed. George Grosz printed drawings, undated Two printed drawings by German artist, one b/w entitled "Two Nudes" and another color, of boats and New York skyline. Cobb photograph album, circa 1900-1905 One disbound photo album containing 115 black/white images, various sizes, of family and friends, Santa Barbara and Montecito scenes including Santa Barbara Mission and Riven Rock, President Mc Kinley's visit to Santa Barbara, San Francisco, ca 1900-1905. Githens, Assistant Surgeon with the 78th Illinois, to his wife, including description of hospitals and burying the dead.... Glatt (Stephanie) Sabbathday Lake Shaker collection Master's project----submitted to the faculty of the Feminist Spirituality program for the degree of Master of Arts in Feminist Spirituality by Stephanie Glatt, IHM, Immaculate Heart College Center, Los Angeles, California, August 1997. Images include numerous shots of local peoples; mountains, rivers and other scenic... 52 Collection The collection contains ten secretary's books (mainly minutes), one account book, and a scrapbook entitled "Souvenir 1907 Encampment - Santa Barbara 40th Dept. Locations include Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Santa Barbara (mission, alleged bullfight), Diamond Cañon,... Santa Barbara photographers include Hayward & Muzzall, M. Guantanamo Bay Collection Pamphlets, newsletters, blueprints, tracts, and other materials, mainly about the U. Naval Base (GTMO) and its history, dating back to the Spanish American War. Known as a center of indigenismo (indigenism) during the Aztlán phase of Chicano art in the early 1970s.... Hale (Oscar F.) Papers The collection primarily contains Civil War era correspondence from Union soldier Oscar F. Hansen was a district commander at one point, and also was active in the local unit.

Marius Moutet 1876 – 1968 presented to him by the governor (Ferdinad Jacques Louis Rougier) in April 1937 when he visited Koulouba (the administrative seat in the capital, Bamako).... Mainly correspondence from poet Marianne Moore, also a 1947 letter (ALS) from Robert Frost, and photographs of E. Souvenir album, with more than 150 black and white photos, presented to one of the officers visiting the American Military Mission Turkish War School, Dec. Mainly images of officers and Turkish trainees in classroom and other campus settings.... Mc Clellan [Civil War General] photograph, 1939 One photograph [carte de visité] of Civil War General George Mc Clellan and wife, n.d., with letter of verification from Lincolniana expert H.

African photograph album: Senegal (Dakar) /French West Africa, circa 1936-1937 Album of a trade fair from French West Africa (mainly Dakar in present-day Senegal). American Printing History Association Collection The collection contains bylaws, membership directories and information, flyers, conference notices and programs, and other mailings relating to activities of the American Printing History Association (APHA), including the Southern California Chapter of APHA. American Religions Collection The container list in this guide includes folder level descriptions of materials mainly housed in the American Religions Collection (ARC). Appearance of Fort Sumter on Tuesday Afternoon - tinted lithograph, 1863 November 10 ." Tinted lithograph of a sketch made from the 'Beacon House' on Morris Island.

Anderson (Dame J.) Collection The collection includes papers of the Australian born actress noted for her stage, radio, and television work, particularly her Shakespearean roles. Includes some related clippings, correspondence, and ephemera. Money oral history, 1982 Life history of a mining engineer who fled war-torn Europe, to explore Canada's mining frontier during the 1920s. 7 ½ X 4 ½ ) of Arctic scenes: indigenous people in kayaks, hunting scene, a thatched hut, large group of people in front of a wooden structure, a western schooner-like sailing ship. Argentina [Tucuman] Sugar Plantations photographic journal, 1905 Typescript narrative journal written under the pseudonym Raul of the Andes, recounting the travels and observations of three young men, members of the Catholic social movement La Federación de Cículos Católicos De Obreros, which had been founded in Argentina by... Around the Pacific photograph album 371 (circa 350) black and white photos plus several loose photos, some loose ephemera, one map etc. "Around the Pacific" stamped on cove Arthur Hochberg collection of radical literature, circa 1967-1985 Broadsides, flyers, newsletters, pamphlets and related items, collected by Arthur Hochberg. Artists' Collection collection, circa 1907-1957 Primarily correspondence, clippings, and photographs collected by Margaret [? Ashley documents for the history of California, 1827-1860 Notebook of typed transcripts of diaries and other documents of D. Apparently a copy of material at the Bancroft Library (MSS C-B... Chaim Harry Heine) (13 December 1797 – 17 February 1856) 12 December 2007 27 September 2007 In memoriam: Evelyn's 60th birthday 27 September 1947 - 26 September 2007 Birthday of Gary Bartz (1940), jazz saxophonist 25 September 2007 50th anniversary of integration of Little Rock Central High School 24 September 2007 10 April 2005 Birthday of Jim Murray I love & miss you, Jim!9 April 2005 Birthday of Paul Robeson 1 April 2005 Birthday of Samuel R. Full list of captions (in French) with album and in CF. Prior to 2016, the collection was housed in file cabinets; it has since been rehoused in archival cartons. American Samoa photograph album, circa 1920s 109 black and white snapshots, no captions, including images of crew and passengers on a Matson Line ship, Pago Pago and surrounding countryside, harbor, local inhabitants welcoming visitors, daily activities, gardens, houses and other buildings, street scenes, group shots, U. American Soldier's South Korea Photograph Album, ca. 107 uncaptioned black and white snapshots in a decorative black lacquer album. Antonio Rampegolo note, circa late 19th -early 20th century One note (AN) on George E. Printed for the Benefit of the Sanitary Commission by the Lithographers' Association of New York. Kennison document, 1866 January 12 [Massachusetts Artillery, 1st Regiment, F Company]. Aldous Huxley letter, 1957 October 7 One letter (ALS) to Miss Mary Dwyer, regarding her difficulty reconciling Huxley's statement in Tomorrow and Tomorrow that "God is love," with all the evil and suffering in the world. Srihari Rao, stating that "I don't wear spectacles & still think that practice of the Bates Method is in many cases very helpful." Los Angeles, California, 14 July 1963. 27 Aldous Huxley note, 1936 November 25 One note (ANS) to Geoffrey Grigson, Assistant Literary Editor of The Morning Post, recommending Irving Babbitt's essay Buddha and the Occident, Greta Hort's Sense and Thought, and Mark Benney's Low Company. Alexander (Alec P.) Papers The collection contains materials relating to the career of UCSB Economics professor and administrator Alec P. Materials are primarily from his time in post-war Taiwan as a lieutenant in the... Jackson collection, 1864-1865 [Private, Kansas Mounted Infantry, 1st Regiment, Co. One letter (ALS) from former Smith College art professor, critic, and painter Alfred Vance Churchill, to Dr. ] Atkins, re translation of German lyrics later in life. Includes views of Algiers, Tipasa (Tipaza), Belle Fontaine, Forêt de Bainem, Bouzorea, Valley of the Oued Messous, Aïn Toya, Guyotville, Timgad, El Kantara, and... Gillespie (John and Anna) Research Files for Notable Twentieth-Century Pianists Research files on twentieth century pianists compiled by John and Anna Gillespie for the book "Notable twentieth-century pianists: a bio-critical sourcebook" (Greenwood press, 1995). Guerrero (Mark) Papers The Mark Guerrero Papers contain materials related to this musician and to Chicano music history. Also included are a possibly unrelated 1845 letter... Hammer (Milton) Collection Correspondence, photographs, and other material collected by Hammer, much of it during his career as a rare book and manuscripts dealer in Santa Barbara. Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute printed program, circa 1873 Printed program, ca.

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