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With a chin above and below the screen and the 5.5-inch display, there's a fair amount of wasted space around the screen.

Apple has addressed the issue with the design of the i Phone X, but the i Phone 8 Plus still loudly claims the old design as its own. In the same manner the i Phone 8 matches the design of its predecessors, so does the i Phone 8 Plus.

I didn't spend time framing or ensuring the lighting was best for Portrait Mode as I've done with the i Phone 7 Plus. As I said in my i Phone 8 review, Apple's newest phones are the best smartphone cameras I have ever used.

I used to rely on Samsung's devices to take my photos, especially when on a trip with my family; I now leave them behind.

The i Phone 8 Plus continues to blur the lines by adding depth -- also known as bokeh -- to a photo with a new feature called Portrait Lighting.

See also: The X factor: Apple's weird relationship with product numbers and names Currently in beta, Portrait Lighting alters lighting in a photo.

Most cases for the i Phone 7 Plus will work on the 8 Plus, which is good news for those who upgrade each year and don't want to wait for the i Phone X.

With the i Phone X already announced and available for preorder at the end of October, just where does the i Phone 8 Plus end up in the product lineup?

I think it's fair to say it's a device intended for business users who want a larger screen, more battery life, and the same tried-and-true performance Apple has built its reputation on.

It's hard to justify and encourage someone to wait for a device that's not even out yet.

It's also a device we've only seen in very controlled environments.

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