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This is probably because of their concern with the metaphysical and their tendency to overanalyze.However as people who are deeply interested in making things work, INFJs can make for some of the most fulfilling of relationships.Try to be a soul-mate An INFJ personality is usually not the right choice for a casual relationship or a sexual fling.Their naturally secretive temperament makes them trust only a few who are then allowed to enter their inner world of visions and ideas.Appreciate intensity The other side of a careful and sometimes secretive personality of an INFJ is a surprisingly intense nature.

So if you intend to score high with your INFJ partner you need to understand this quality and perhaps even share their point of view.

This in turn makes INFJs choosy of what and when to share things and which is why they open up only to those who they trust.

Keep this in mind when you get impatient with your INFJ partner and feel that your relationship is going nowhere since he/she will not let you in his/her world.

While they may be dating a lot, they usually do it with one partner at a time since they are perpetually on the look-out of a deep and meaningful relationship.

So in order to find the way to an INFJ’s heart, what you need to do is not so much as to take him/her out to fancy restaurants on a regular basis or be a gymnast in bed, but be a soul-mate who can understand and share their complex and highly individualistic world.

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