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They can, however, tell you who can do these things for you.Expatriates living in Germany are subject to the jurisdiction of German law and regulations.If you think your passport has been stolen, first report it to the local police and get a police declaration. If the expiration date of yours draws near while you are living in Germany, go to the consulate/embassy. It can lead to problems if you try to travel outside Germany, and on other occasions.Should you and other financial resources, consular officers can help you contact your family, bank or employer to arrange for them to send you funds.When a citizen abroad the nearest embassy or consulate of his country should be notified as soon as possible.A consular officer may then notify the next of kin, obtain a local death certificate, and arrange for local burial or for the return of the remains to the homeland.The embassies and consulates have information that can help citizens , though it is usually restricted to the provision of forms and brochures.

Consular officers will attempt to locate you and pass on urgent messages. embassy or consulate and distributed through the local postal service.If they become involved in private disputes with foreign nationals or business enterprises, and the controversy can't be settled amicably, the normal recourse is to the remedies provided by German law.Diplomatic or consular officers may not act as attorneys or agents in private matters.It is their duty, for example, to help their citizens abroad in times of emergency.If you lose your , a consul can issue you a replacement.

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