Expect dating cancer male

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A Taurus man is one of the nicest guys out there and a true pleasure to date.This is a man who's always willing to go that extra mile to treat a lady right.What should a woman expect when she dates a Taurus man?

It came down to be too much to put into the article I was writing, so we decided that I should throw it all into an installment of “Decoding Male Behavior.” To start, I wanted to write this article to dispel some of the misconceptions I’ve heard in regards to men and breakups.As a father, he likes to feel as if he's the head of the family and likes to be consulted on all family decisions, whether they directly involve him or not.Be aware that Taurus men also like to handle finances and want to be in control of money-related matters.There are often serious thoughts going on in their heads that they might not express to others, and chances are that not every layer of the man will show up right away in a relationship.It might take time for you to gain his confidence and trust to the level that he's willing to allow himself to share these deep thoughts with you. He wants to know that he's providing for you (even though he may acknowledge that you're perfectly capable of providing for yourself).

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