Fat asian dating

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Having been taught to use chopsticks before I learned to speak, I consider them to be the best utensils. If you pour tea for yourself before my Yeh Yeh, you will be judged accordingly.

I don't understand why anyone would eat Flaming Hot Cheetos without chopsticks (keeps the Cheetos dust from getting on the fingers). Don't assume I know how to speak fill-in-the-blank-Asian language. Doesn't matter who's with me, when I'm eating out, I'm going to reach for the check first. With parents and aunts and uncles getting into physical altercations over who gets to pay for dinner.

), that are considered these huge sex symbols and are number 1 on every ‘hot list.’ Oh boy… I knew that sooner or later this question would come up and I would have to answer it.

And, like everything else, I will answer it honestly without sugar-coating.

In other words, a woman who is the same size as another woman but has a higher amount of muscle than the other woman will actually weigh more than the less muscular woman.

So even though the woman looks better, she steps on the scale, sees a number she doesn’t like and then gets discouraged.

Some guys like skinny girls with no boobs and some guys don’t mind a little “thickness” as long as the girl is curvy with a big set protruding the front of her.

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I can also tell you that men have a wide range of what they consider to be an ideal weight and their “type” of woman.

So don’t fear putting on muscle – a little bit of muscle actually looks good on women.

Despite lower body fat % and the fact that some muscle on a woman is ideal, most women avoid it because muscle weighs more than fat (by volume).

I have read and heard countless times that guys prefer women with curves and more meat on their bones but I’m starting to wonder about that.

I have some super skinny friends who are considered really hot and always get hit on and then there are celebs who are super skinny, like Olivia Wilde and Megan Fox (she supposedly has a 23 inch waist!

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