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This chat is sponsored by Gilead Sciences, which produces several HIV medications. Our speaker for tonight's chat on lipoatrophy is Dr.

Joel Gallant, one of the United States' most knowledgeable HIV specialists. Gallant, we're honored to have you as our chat speaker tonight.

Original message from hoffer: What do you think of Sculptra for facial lipoatrophy? Food and Drug Administration to correct facial fat loss in people with HIV.] Reply from Dr.

[Editor's Note: Sculptra, also known as New-Fill, is an injectable product made of poly-L-lactic acid. Joel Gallant: All I can say is that some of my patients are so happy with it that they burst into tears after each treatment, and I certainly notice the difference, too.

Original message from Michael H: Besides aesthetics, does lipoatrophy of the face pose any other health problems? Joel Gallant: No, there are no known health problems associated with facial lipoatrophy.

We had such a short amount of time but want to keep the convo going.” Until next time!

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The accusations heavily outweigh the compliments, but it’s rare that a brand would open the floor up to a conversation at all.

As one person wrote, “Thanks a bunch for giving your customers the opportunity to be so open.

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