Featherweight sewing machine dating

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" message - I could start charging for the service I guess, but since I have shared all my resources already that seems a bit cheeky.

Once you have your serial number pop over to this website and click on the relevant letter prefix, they have a pretty extensive database.

It should identify the model number and the manufacture date.

Note: if the motor growls when you first put pressure on the pedal, but starts to move with more pressure, or the pedal gets unreasonably warm (I sew in bare feet, so it’s quickly noticeable to me.) STOP! Note: If after this adjustment, or when you plug in a new to you machine and use it, you hear sizzling or popping noises from the pedal… What you’re hearing is the beginnings of an electrical fire.

Unplug the machine immediately and if safe to do so, relocate the pedal to somewhere it won’t damage surrounding items.

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