Filipino heart dating

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Sofia Andres was visibly taken aback when she was asked if former onscreen partner Iñigo Pascual broke her heart — but she answered the question nevertheless, admitting simply: "Yes." The young actress was a guest on "Tonight with Boy Abunda" on Friday, and her surprisingly straightforward answer drew some "awws" from the studio audience, even from host Boy Abunda.

In past interviews back in 2014, Andres, who was paired with Pascual in the romantic comedy flick "Relaks It’s Just Pag-ibig," had been open in saying that she shared a "mutual understanding" with the son of Kapamilya star Piolo Pascual.

Great filmmakers have always drummed up interesting ways to tackle this wildly Filipino obsession.

On the other side of the pond, Nora Ephron, Woody Allen, Mike Nichols, and Cameron Crowe have made a living out of romantic comedies.

For a film about love, “Lorna” is violent, and what is love if not a battlefield?

There are numerous illusory shootout scenes involving Lorna and her lovers (including a very raunchy Lav Diaz) — it’s as close as we can get to seeing Buencamino and Diaz in a “Mr. Smith” situation — running around in nasty, slowed down versions depicting the hazards of love.

Much of the film’s magic comes from Habac and Giancarlo Abrahan’s cutting dialogue and an unforgettable lead performance from Salvador.

The rest of “Lorna” proceeds to illustrate this sad definition, rendering Shamaine Buencamino’s titular 60-year-old in a perpetual quest to end her loveless state: seemingly an impossible task given the lateness of her age.But their relationship appeared to have fizzled out, with Andres sharing a year later that while she remains friends with the young actor and musician they do not talk regularly anymore.Nowadays, Andres is being romantically linked with Diego Loyzaga.However, their delightful pairing ends up being the cherry on top of the cream that is the film’s cute and fanciful take on serendipitous love.It isn’t a film without its faults, but it works because of its indisputable charm and affecting energy.

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