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You Should Contact the Tribal Council Affairs office at 856-690-1565, if you plan on attending the next monthly meeting.Any other new tribal business, that needs addressing by the Tribal Council, should be submitted in writing before the next meeting date.Someone in Alderville, Ontario, Canada has come up with this idea to bring the Native blood level back to preserve our blood line and to protect our our future Native rights. Only 10% of the 2.5 million who claim to be native on the census are full bloods. As our blood dilutes so does our culture, language and worldview. after reading it , it could be construed a way totally different from what I meant. I will simply encourage my daughter to date native only as she grows, but will do everything in my power to get her hooked with one of her own marriage.. I'll still love her and accept the choice that she makes. I would only want my kids to date other Natives, but first within our tribe because it's a small tribe. At the rate of intermarriage with white folks is 70% right now we are heading fast to extinction.Full blood Alabamas (Albamo) are less common and almost non-existent.We have a membership of 1001 members, so it's easy to see why I would want my future kids to be able to stay within our own. hahaha Ok well, my kids are 1/2 Navajo and it is really important to me for them to marry someone from that tribe. Well everyone should know by now I endorse lots of babies.Alabama and Coushatta are actually two different tribes, but through inter-marriage, we are considered as one.

Blacks and other people of color now work in virtually every field, and opportunities are increasing at every level.A TRIBAL AFFAIRS PUBLIC NOTICE: "Attention Jatibonicu Tribal Members" Please be advised of the next Tribal Council meeting.All meetings, will be held on the third Saturday of each month at PM sharp.With the enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Congress sought to eliminate the problems of segregation and discrimination in the United States.The impetus for the Act was the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s, which challenged the denial of the right of Blacks to participate equally in society.

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