Florida bathroom updating

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By taking the time to brighten up one of the most-used rooms in your home, you’ll likely wind up with a brighter smile, too.1.

See the Light on Lighting – Lighting can brighten up both your bathroom and your mood.

That’s because a well-organized, beautiful setting encourages you to spend more time on yourself, and that includes your teeth.

Here are a few simple tips to help you turn your boring, outdated bathroom into a place that lifts your spirits.

With 21 affiliated practices throughout Florida, our offices are conveniently located with extended hours to meet your needs.

At Advanced Dental Care of Florida, we provide most dental services, from basic preventative care and general dentistry to specialized procedures and complete dental reconstruction.

Fix Up Your Fixtures – While part of a bathroom makeover may be based in personal vanity, it actually comes down to the physical vanity.

You don't want to over-improve it, but you don't want to under-improve it because you will hurt the value of your home." Top Tip: Many homeowners don't include windows on their list of dated items to replace in a renovation, but Bortugno says that can be a big mistake. "We could have completely redone this bathroom and kept those same windows and it would have looked like we were decorating around ugly windows.Bortugno replaced wallpaper with paint and brass with brushed nickel, while also bidding farewell to the dated tile, lighting, windows and pink cabinetry.It wasn't cheap, but the results speak for themselves.Windows get dated the same way a bathroom gets dated.It may sound overly simple, but if your bathroom is a place where you want to spend time, you’ll be more likely to practice better dental care.

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