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" "A few." "Have you been with one or been in a threesome? I am waiting on you." "Why don't you ask one of your lady friends to join you here one Sunday? If I make this happen for you, it has to be with Debbie," Cheryl told me. We each knew we had been fucking someone else, but in the morning, we would both go to work at the factory like nothing was happening. When the game ended, she went to the kitchen to fix dinner. "Uh, one of the ladies from the church." "What did you two talk about all afternoon? "Did you and your friend talk about more than work? When the lunch whistle blew, I walked down to the cafeteria. "Once that happens, I may bring a friend, but no deal until you get your wife interested. I hope you feel Debbie out by then." "I'll see." Cheryl got in her car and left. After that, I went into the den to turn the TV on and watched the end of the afternoon football game. "I'll get a beer and join you," she said as she went to the kitchen. Debbie looked up at me puzzled because I had never asked her this before. The next game came on, and I watched for about an hour. I got up and went to the kitchen and sat down with her at the table. " Debbie was looking at me curiously because I never asked her who she went to see. They fed us at lunch because there really wasn't any place to eat in town. "I am going to have to work on this slowly." "I guess I will have to ask her? Talk and flirt on - free adult dating site, with sexy men and women from your area and get quality singles list.

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3 Small Town High Jinx "When are you going to talk to your wife?

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