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But one page is stirring a controversy that could cost the 2017 teacher of the year her job.

Page 15: Advice for coping with a break-up and first-hand accounts of tough splits.Page 16: The controversial page, it features a first-person account about the beginnings of a relationship between a student and his girlfriend, who stayed the night and, with parent permission, slept in his bed.This page also defines "polyamory," which is a relationship between more than two people, and has a poll about soulmates.Page 4: A quiz to test if you're too clingy, a guide for life after a breakup and a poll about "players" vs "cheaters." Page 5: Cheesy pickup lines — "Are you a bank loan, because you've got my interest" — and a Q&A with students who have been cheated on.Page 6: The definition of "friends with benefits" and a guide for figuring out if you've been "friend-zoned"and a first-hand account of an awkward crush situation.

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