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As in many other countries, the two main battling ideas are the sex-work narrative and the prostitution-as-harm narrative.

According to the sex-work narrative, selling and buying sex are legitimate practices.

This model abolishes prostitution and criminalises the men who buy sex rather than the women who sell it.

The prostitution-as-harm narrative is supported by worldwide research.

The project, intended to raise awareness to what Koral refers to as the “real face” of prostitution in Israel, gained wide public attention, and raised protests from Johns (men who pay for sex), who claimed the posts humiliated them and demanded their removal.

Following such complaints, Facebook blocked Tali Koral’s account several times, facing angry counter-complaints, which accused Facebook of supporting Johns.

Shulamit Almog is an action member of Pros Pol, COST Action IS1209, which seeks to compare and disseminate knowledge about prostitution policies in Europe.

She has made a submission to the UN Women consultation on sex work.

View the full list How should the selling of sex be treated? What kind of links are there between prostitution and sex trafficking?Women in prostitution are more frequently diagnosed as suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.Additionally women in prostitution face social infamy, which means humiliation, contempt and harm to dignity – a toll exacted from all women in prostitution, even from those who manage to avoid physical and emotional abuses or trauma-related harms.Still, it is difficult to decisively predict whether Israel will introduce legal reform addressing the harms of prostitution.Public opinion appears to be wavering: according to a 2015 poll, 54% of Israelis were in favour of some kind of legislation against the clients of prostitution, but only 42% thought clients should actually be punished.

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