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And remember: creating a winning sales script is a never-ending process. Will it make a difference in how your salespeople perform?

If you regularly revise your script, you’ll keep finding new ways to close deals. How do you help them do what they were hired to do, even better?

And when you’re asked to send an email, say: “I certainly will, but so I know exactly what to include in that email, can you tell me…” Then just follow up with your first qualifying question.

There are few things more important to your long-term sales success than a winning script, so apply what you’ve learned here. What’s the importance of creating excellent documentation for your sales processes and training?

We are good at optimizing, improving and perfecting customer service.

We’ve been doing it for enterprises in all industries.

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Internet Tough Guys should be regarded as the lowest form of life on Earth.

But scripts aren’t meant to lock you into a conversation. Be sure to create an objection management document, so that you’re ready to address any objections they send your way.

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If you’re doing inside sales, you know that a phone call can be an incredibly effective tool to reach out to potential customers and close deals. It seems like a no-brainer to start with your name, but you’d be surprised how many people ignore this step. You need to let prospects process who you are—otherwise, there’s zero chance they’ll pay attention to anything else you’re saying. And “beta program” because many prospects were in tech. The key to a great elevator pitch is clarity and brevity. If it takes thirty seconds to explain what you do, that’s a problem.

One hour after coming up with the idea for Elastic Sales—the on-demand sales company we launched before—we had already created our first sales script. Some salespeople recommend small talk after the introduction—“”—but that’s bullshit. It was a subtle way to let them know that we spoke their language. Prospects don’t have patience, especially during cold calls.

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