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At the time, his wife Roberta Williams was playing text adventure games on the Apple II.Dissatisfied with the text-only format, she realized that the graphics display capability of the Apple II could enhance the adventure gaming experience.Her game concept included animated color graphics, a pseudo 3D-perspective where the main character was visible on the screen, a more competent text parser that would understand advanced commands from the player, and music playing in the background through the PCjr sound hardware.For the game, a complete development system called Adventure Game Interpreter was developed.DRYCO estimators are also your project managers, allowing us to keep even the largest and most complex jobs well organized while giving you a single point of contact.Whether you need ADA upgrades, parking lot maintenance, parking lot repairs, concrete ramps, chain link fencing repairs, a blacktop, and/or a seal coat, DRYCO is equipped to handle all aspects of your paving and fencing needs.

IBM would fund the entire development of the game, pay royalties for it, and advertise for the game.A simplified version of The Dark Crystal, intended for a younger audience, was written by Al Lowe and released as Gelfling Adventure.Many of Sierra's most well known series began in the 1980s.With over 270 employees and 50 crews across five divisions, DRYCO is uniquely qualified to complete any size pavement maintenance project from start to finish, including technical evaluation, scope development, and pavement maintenance plans.DRYCO works with property managers, home owners associations, general contractors, engineering consultants, and building owners to keep their most valuable assets protected and maintained.

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