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But, the long-term effects that leaked photos can have on victim’s lives is everlasting.There are, unfortunately, many instances of men and women being affected by revenge porn, which in some cases has even lead to suicide.She teamed up with Chen, who she had met at an entrepreneurship program, and an Armenian developer named Edgar Khanzadian.

But it’s aimed at naked photos — the marketing tagline bills it as “the sexiest app ever” — and of all the photo vault apps it may be the most direct in its pitch.That limits the opportunity for would-be hackers to get access to any sensitive photos and images.(For devices with i OS 10 and below, Nude uses Facebook’s Caffe2, but also manages to do the analysis locally on the phone.) Chiu and Chen attempted to use existing, open-source data sets to detect nudes.Mobile camera rolls seem to not take the existence of nudes into account, as anyone who ever stumbled across an odd penis while scrolling through a friend’s device can tell you.And as we saw during the 2014 Celebgate hack, photos stored online using services like i Cloud can be vulnerable to breaches.

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