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Following the Liberation of Bulgaria in 1878, the country's own Penal Code came into force on , and homosexual acts between males over 16 years of age became punishable by at least six months of imprisonment.

The revised Penal Code of removed the sections outlawing homosexual acts.

One cannot undergo sex reassignment surgery unless going to a trial and receiving a positive court's decision.

A 2015 Eurobarometer survey found that only 29% of Bulgarians agree with the statement that transgender people should be able to change their civil documents in order to match their inner gender identity.

As this is still a highly controversial subject in Bulgaria, accurate data can not be obtained due to the unwillingness of some or most persons who identify as LGBT to freely affirm themselves as such out of fear of public persecution, scrutiny or harassment.

The only pride parade to take place so far in Bulgaria is Sofia Pride.

Later, in 1966, when revising the Penal Code, a group of experts decided that homosexual acts will no longer be considered a crime because lesbians and gays "are ill people, who shouldn't be punished because of the sufferings they are already going through (due to their illness)".

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The standard procedure in a case of an intersex child birth is the removal of the male genitalia due to the fact that it is an easier operation than the one removing the female genitalia.

There is no official data of the Bulgarians who have legally changed their gender.

When a person undergoes sex reassignment surgery, they must change their passport, driver's license, personal identity document, birth certificate and uniform civil number in order for them to match their new sex.

Nevertheless, since 2004, single lesbian women have had access to IVF.

A 2002 Pew Global Attitudes Project survey recorded that 37% of Bulgarians think homosexuality should be accepted by society, and the 2007 Pew Global Attitudes Project survey recorded that acceptance had risen to 39%.

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