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When the first Medals were cast two years later, it was only natural that they should be distributed by the spiritual sons and daughters of St.

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The show is a trip back through 50 years of the Street, revisiting momentous events and iconic characters along with song-and-dance routines, and Paul is hosting the whole shebang.

So I asked the publishers what they mean when they say that Father Dirvin's book is definitive. This book is the full and authoritative story on the life and works of St.

Catherine, the Daughter of Charity to whom the Miraculous Medal was manifested by the Blessed Virgin in Paris in 1830.

‘Watching Coronation Street was like watching the inner workings of the lives of people we knew.’ Today, he has three dogs, two pigs, countless chickens and ducks, an owl and a sheep that thinks it’s a dog and wanders into the kitchen at his Kent farmhouse.

He now shares his life with former ballet dancer Andre, but continues to live alone.

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