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She actually snorted, then laughed, the snort was almost loud enough for the other person to overhear she realized, then friskily replied,” I know what you mean by saying that Jess! ” Hanging up the phone Sarah walked to her master bedroom, her hips swaying as she moved along, a grin slowly started to appear upon her face as she decided what to wear for the night’s festivities.I used mine over three times yesterday, and that was right after delivery! As she moved along her hand snaked down her front almost of its own volition to her dampening pussy and she smiled, as her steps slowly took her across the living room, she checked herself out in the wall-to-wall mirrors adorning both walls.You can watch thousands of sexy girls on webcam and chat with them for FREE Click Here to See Who is Online at My Free Cams right now!Sarah is a sick girl looking for a permanent fuck buddy, she decides on a sexslave instead.His arms were folded to the sides of his ribcage, and held by a flexible rubberized bar that was pushed through his bent arms and behind his back, locking on either side of the bed.Strong leather cuffs were secured to straps circling both his upper thighs and buttocks, keeping his wrists uselessly against them.As Sarah moved through the house her thoughts dreamily shifted, she hoped that the club would be hopping with guys later on tonight, after she met with Jess of course.

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She smiled coyly pushing it aside and continued to listen to the person on the other end of the line, she reached forward catching a stray lock between her fingertips, slowly twirling it between them, and a wicked smile slowly appeared upon her face as she continued to listen to the phone.

Especially when the sick fucking pig had told him that he was her,” Sexslave“, he had screamed his denial vehemently into the ballgag, but her only reaction was to laugh at his distress. He shrank against the vinyl-covered mattress trying to turn his head from her but the three-inch stiff leather and steel padded collar around his neck prevented such movements.

Deep in his soul Richard could only feel an empty pit beginning to gnaw away at him,” His wife and his daughter whom he loved so very, very much, his auction company. It was connected by three thick leather straps to a rigid chest piece strapped tightly around him.

His balled fists shook with fury in the tight restriction gloves, and he struggled against the thick padded ankle restraints that held his legs spread as “She”, sat on the edge of the bed and smiled at him.

He only felt fear and disgust as she looked upon him grinning, then joyously declaring, “I really…,” it sickened him as she rolled her eyes,”…And I must say. Enjoyed myself last night slave…” he watched in disgust as she licked her lips and lay her hands upon his chest, they fell short on either side of the leather belt harness crossed so tightly across his upper torso.

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