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Menuck and Moss became parents in recent years; that’s their boy Ezra we hear in the new album’s opening seconds, delivering the band’s simple mission statement: “We live on the island called Montreal, and we make a lot of noise… ” The experience of new fatherhood factored into some of the songs on Menuck’s scaled-down 2011 solo release, , but that intimate perspective is retained here amid Thee Silver Mt.

Zion’s orchestro-punk onslaught, with the band’s usual big-picture concerns intensified by the lingering question of what kind of world their children will inherit.

At the sentencing of Fred and Will, the judge found it suiting to give the defendants a lecture.

“You were convinced”, he said, “that it was correct”.

On December 18th, 2017, two anarchist comrades were sentenced for their role in a 2015 direct action in which a Enbridge’s Line 9 was physically shut down.

Zion—featuring Godspeed guitarist Efrim Menuck, violinist Sophie Trudeau, and bassist Thierry Amar, along with violinist Jessica Moss and drummer David Payant—has been more amenable to countering all that “no” with the odd “yes.” Though they share with Godspeed a deep suspicion of authority and institutions, and the faintest of hopes that sanity will prevail in a world gone mad, they’ve come to broadcast their ideas through more clearly communicated means: interviews, lengthy onstage addresses, lyrics we can all join in on, and songs that are both more outwardly anthemic and viscerally rocking than Godspeed’s slow-surging, side-long epics.

But while Menuck has become a more confident and charismatic vocalist over the years, his lyrics are often rendered in broad-strokes, addressing faceless bogeymen (a Dylanesque procession of bankers, hangmen, and the like) and macro societal maladies, while rooting their more sanguine songs in communal, universal affirmations.

The songs are more outwardly anthemic and viscerally rocking than Godspeed’s slow-surging, side-long epics.

Last September, at the Polaris Music Prize gala in Toronto, writer/Pitchfork contributor Jessica Hopper introduced shortlist nominees Godspeed You!

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