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She loves to flirt and lead guys on and if you beg long enough may eventually send you nudes of her... and before I say anything else,ive got to say what an amazing room its got a 60 tv then theres mirrors everywhere,a huge Jacuzzi bathroom and a bar that could keep a single person blitzed for 2 days.i put the tv on and it welcomes you to your room then boxes appear with whats free whats pay like adult channels for 15 a night or gambling section add your card I say fancy some adult tv and laugh then she cant call it adult its not hard enough,then says when she was at and a few of her friends went to a adult production studio and she made an adult movie and was paid 1700 for she did another 2 she was paid 1500 for the first,then 6500 for the last one as that was anything goes with 4 blokes.i said really but must have looked shocked,because she said but that made her hate herself and she regrets it.

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