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Attacks include fatalities, maimings, and other injuries requiring extensive hospital treatment.

Owners are advised to be prudent in selecting, training, and raising their dogs.

We've decided to clear the air, once and for all, to give you the straight dope on every lie you've ever been told about weed.

This corroborates a 2003 report in the Can you get high from just popping a nug into your mouth and swallowing?

But as a member of the sin city voyeurhouse you will get unlimited access to all 50 cams in the house, ability to chat with all the webcam models, and see all the pics, movies and webcam archives from every past party and event!

Out of any intoxicant -- legal and otherwise -- marijuana (aka Mary Jane, greenery, diggity dank sauce, etc.) can probably be singled out as the most misunderstood.

But see, for men who covet younger women, it’s not whether you look good for your age – it’s what age you really are.

" But is there any real proof that it's actually addictive?

or at least not in the way we commonly classify "addiction." Often, this kind of addiction is referred to as a "dependency," largely focusing on a mental attachment to the drug.

Know this trendy city a little better through the live streaming cams.

We all have the friend who "just can't function without weed, man!

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