Gambar adult 18 definition of accomodating

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As Scrat had finally managed to store his acorn successfully, the asteroid ended up cracking and made it's way towards earth.

Scrat had once again put the earth in danger because of his obsession over his acorn.

Scrat slid on a glacier and off a small ledge, loosing his grip on the acorn, before bouncing down hard on the ledges from the mountains and finally back to the ground, where he was pinned down by his sharp teeth.

Scrat unpinned himself and looked for his acorn, which fell from the sky on his head.

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After confusingly moving the lever, Scrat managed to blast out of the ice and into the cosmos.Up in space, Scrat ended up creating The Solar System, rearranging the planets and causing a collision between two planets creating the asteroid belt.When the UFO rammed into a giant asteroid, Scrat ended up burying his acorn once again.After finding it, however, Scrat sunk it by mistake, stranding himself in a North American desert.After sinking Scratlantis, Scrat wondered through the landscape with a new acorn in hand. There, he ended up finding a place to finally store his acorn.

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