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Noxema In 1973, a young and relatively unknown Farrah Fawcett gave a titillating performance for Noxema, playfully rubbing shaving cream all over New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath's face. One version of the ad online has more than 18 million hits.

Getting banned can create a news hook and can lead to even more audience interest in the ad, especially online. "Super Bowl wannabes make ads that are deliberately sleazy or otherwise objectionable, and then concoct stories about them that usually aren't true," said Tim Nudd, editor of Ad

PETA PETA's 2011 commercial -- a parody of a pornographic movie casting couch featuring women passionately eating vegetables -- had zero chance of getting any Super Bowl air time.

The ad is "unlikely to convince anyone to consider vegetarianism," said Scott Smith, account director at [email protected]

"It's an annual tradition that companies, who likely don't even have the money to spend on an actual Super Bowl spot, find willing suckers in the media who give them some free PR," Ad Age wrote.

"Not going to happen here." The most disliked people in sports Earnest or calculated, rejected Super Bowl ads tend to fall into a few categories.

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It also turned away another web-based company, Jesus Hates, a satirical site that caters to conservatives and sells novelty merchandise.

slideshow: Ads too hot for the Super Bowl Little-known companies sometimes devote their entire marketing budgets to buying one Super Bowl spot in the hopes of making a big splash.

But for every one that does that, there's another that submits a blatantly over-the-top piece of creative for review with no real expectation of getting it accepted.

Often they come from advocacy groups, who know that the big networks tend to be skittish about anything that might come off as too politically inflammatory.

In 2009 a Catholic group called Fidelis attempted to purchase time for an ad showing a fetus that, because it was not aborted, grew up to be President Obama. Last year Focus on the Family, another anti-abortion group, did better with a commercial showing Tim Tebow's mother talking about her difficulties while pregnant with the eventual college football star.

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