Get any lady you want online dating outline secrets pdf

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I am assuming that you’re not a psychopath, and you’re not reading this guide to find ways to hurt women.

If that is the case, then I’d recommend that you quickly tool up on Mind Control by watching this online Masterclass (conducted by Derek Rake) – You’ll receive details (over email) on how to get the invite upon submitting your email address. Why do you think girls go nuts over limited edition designed handbags? So, if you want to be highly appealing to women, you have to play on that bit of girls psychology and become hard to get yourself.

Here’s the shortcut to completely mastering the art of emotional manipulation: use on her!An easy way to maintain attractive eye contact with a woman is what Derek Rake calls the – you gaze first at the left eye, and then to the right eye, and then to the mouth (forming a triangular shape on her face). Fractionation is pretty powerful, and it is used by almost all master seducers to put women under their spell.Then, periodically look at the area between her eyes – this will give her the illusion that you’re looking directly at her (without coming across as creepy or threatening.) Give that a try, alright? Naturally, before using Fractionation (or any tricks that involve hacking the psychology of a girl in love), you will have to exercise a bit of caution. Using a simple set of proven lines, you’ll make her both happy and sad (in quick succession) over a period of time.As a result, your value as a man will skyrocket, and girls will start running after you and throwing themselves at you. In a nutshell, all this trick really does is that it confuses a woman and messes up her thoughts.Compared to the Mind Control techniques you learned above (you’ve watched the , haven’t you?

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