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And Firefox has hired a new product manager to expand extensions technology beyond what Chrome can do.

Extensions were one of Firefox 1.0's big selling points."All the hard work is happening now to get web extension developers the information they need," Nguyen said.

"We hope to repay that effort in the next few months by giving extension developers opportunities they wouldn't get anywhere else."Quantum CSS and Quantum Render both draw on a Mozilla research project called Servo, a browser engine written with Mozilla's Rust programming language.

Rust includes protections that make software safer from network attacks and make it easier to take advantage of modern machines whose chips have multiple processing cores. Stylo "showed how Rust can really have an impact in a browser with hundreds of millions of users."First published Sept. PTUpdate, p.m.: Adds context and further comment from Mozilla.

Firefox doesn't go as far as some other browsers, though.

Brave, from Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich, blocks ads by default and will be updated later with a privacy-focused ad system that pays us a portion of the ad revenue.

The Firefox Quantum name itself will last through the current transition period but isn't expected to be permanent.

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For widely used add-ons that don't work in the new version, Firefox will recommend alternatives.

It really is a lot snappier starting up and loading web pages, making my online life feel easier if not effortless."It's going to be more exciting for the next year than any other browser," promised Nick Nguyen, Mozilla vice president of Firefox product.

"We rethought the architecture for how a browser should work." Mozilla stops short of declaring victory over Chrome.

A paper published last week titled "Why Silent Updates Boost Security" showed that Google Chrome is the browser that has the most effective updating mechanism.

Google Chrome's updater works automatically, it requires no user interaction and it can't be disabled from the interface.

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