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As for Papyrus, he cares for his brother just like one would, has a massive ego, and he's hard to hate considering he's only got his brother as the closest to a friend he's got.)-Asriel (Undertale, and you know I hate Flowey with a fucking passion.

But if you put effort into saving everyone, to realize that mercy is another sign of strength, that letting go of anger can do much more for you and the world than holding on to it, then you can save this kid. I'd face whatever the hatred that built in the would could throw at me just to make sure this kid can smile.

Sans is lazy, a prankster, and overall plays it cool with puns and jokes while Papyrus is flamboyant, always eager to do things right, and a complete dork.

And yet interacting with them shows that Sans wants nothing but to see his brother happy even to the point of doing his best to cheer him up with the player character's help, or his worst if you decide to be true scum.

I have never, ever cried this much after meeting some NPC.

Solaire is someone you want to see smile as much as he makes you smile.)-Toriel (Undertale, AKA Goat Mom's Tale.

Then it turns out that the kid is some chosen one of legend, and all the hard work is shoved aside for power-ups that make all former progress meaningless, especially with Sasuke who has more importance on the show than the titular character.

Unspoken Rules Of Being Badass: Any breaking of these rules is grounds revoking of the status of being a badass.

It's as if Mako Mankanshoku was made a main lead for her own fic, and it is glorious.)-Diana Cavendish (Little Witch Academia: a rival that respects the underdog, treats her like a human being, and doesn't envy how she may surpass her? It's outstanding and downright inspiring to see how much the world throws all the crap it can at him only for Kaiji to stand up and do his best to save himself and his friends.)-Plumeria (Pokémon Sun/Moon, current waifu...

She loves dummies, has a heart beneath the scowl, and sorry, but those hips of hers have me hypnotized.)-Guzma (Pokémon Sun/Moon, everything that comes out of this guy's mouth is amazingly outdated and stereotypical, and I love him for it.)-Team Skull (Pokémon Sun/Moon, these guys made me enjoy a Pokémon game like I was a little kid again.)-Steven Armstrong (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, after so much thought...

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