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From manufacturing and health care to mobility and finance, we’ll explore global competitive advantage in the age of technology as well as the critical role corporate leadership plays in building more inclusive economies.Throughout our discussions, we’ll highlight how openness and innovation—in China and beyond—are primary forces in guiding economic development, leading to prosperity and progress.At the same time, globalization—long taken for granted—is being challenged by a backlash against trade and immigration in many parts of the world.These forces are colliding to produce complex challenges for today’s global business leaders.A number of innovative, cutting-edge companies are rewiring the economy by placing intelligence into our entire infrastructure.

" With 10 billion people expected on earth by 2050, will there be enough food, water, land, and minerals to go around?Lives on every continent will be improved…and disrupted.Entire industries will become smarter…and potentially less secure.This year’s Fortune Global Forum will explore these trends, both in China and throughout the world, providing clarity for decision-makers as they seek more opportunity, with less risk, in the emerging innovation revolution.Nowhere in the world will this revolution be more profoundly felt than in China–with its new and burgeoning middle class, accelerating urbanization, and expanding digital technologies.

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