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“The webcam owner is possibly making an assumption that nobody would be scanning for such things on the Internet and thus they presume security through obscurity.

But clearly, that’s a very bad assumption.”Sullivan believes security is often an afterthought for the device manufacturers, a sentiment shared by Chris Boyd, an analyst at the security firm Malwarebytes.“The problem here is that many Internet of Things devices [‘smart’ devices like fridges, TVs, baby monitors and light bulbs that connect to the Internet] are horribly broken security-wise because it costs money to ensure a reasonable standard of protection on a product,” Boyd says.

Online, at places like Hack Forums.net, individuals, often men, trade and sell access to strangers' computers, often women, gained via RAT.

The jargon that ratters use underscores the power dynamic—ratted computers are called "slaves." reported, envisions indiscriminately infecting millions with malware that has the capability for remote video surveillance by webcam.

In response to the report, Philips and other manufacturers advised customers to make sure their devices were up-to-date with the latest security advisories or fixes through the company’s website.

The problem, Menin says, is that too few parents are aware that this is something they need to do when they buy a baby monitor.

This month, an online search engine called Shodan, originally set up in 2009 to provide feeds from web-connected CCTV cameras and webcams, made it inadvertently possible for people to view sleeping children through vulnerable smart baby monitors. Subpoenas were issued on Wednesday, January 27, to four “major” manufacturers, but the DCA wants to give them adequate time to respond before naming them.

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The report found that any “reasonably competent attacker” could gain control of the baby monitors.

“The fault lies with the vulnerable products.“Shodan is effectively just a search engine, and if we took it out of the equation completely, it would just be replaced by another method to pull up these images.”Several of the baby monitor manufacturers contacted by , including Philips, did not respond to a request for comment.

A spokesperson for France-based Withings said it took the privacy of their customer’s data seriously.

Later, at the police station, according to court documents, the abuse continued, with the men now calling her disgusting while reading from her private instant message chats.

The laptop, it turned out, had been stolen before she bought it, and it came equipped with a Remote Access Tool, or RAT.

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