Health care expiration dating policy

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The only two that did not meet the 90% minimum standard were aspirin (200 mg labeled, 2.28 mg by analysis; 226.8 mg labeled, 1.53 by analysis) and amphetamine (5.0 mg labeled, 2.2 mg by analysis; 15.0 mg labeled, 8.1 mg by analysis).

Additionally, phenacetin concentrations were less than 90% of labeled in one of two medications that contained it.

Ultimately, the authors evaluated medications representing 14 drug compounds.

For each of the eight medications, the authors dissolved the contents of tablets/capsules, sonicated in methanol, reconstituted in analysis buffer, and analyzed with liquid chromatography time-of-flight mass spectrometry.

On November 14, 2017, Laboratory Field Services (LFS) will be launching an update to PERL, the online application system for personnel licenses and certificates, which will allow licensees and certificate holders to submit renewal applications online.

Limited Phlebotomy Technician (LPT) and Certified Phlebotomy Technicians (CPT I and CPT II ) must complete a total of 6 contact hours of continuing education provided by a Department-approved accrediting agency (PDF) or an accredited academic institution.

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Prescription drugs retained their potency for as long as 40 years after expiration date, an analysis of 14 different compounds showed.

Overall 12 (86%) of the compounds tested at concentrations at least 90% of the labeled amount.

Lani Telian, Department of Public Health When it comes to expiration dates, there is a lot of confusion between the dates listed on food packages.

This misunderstanding can cause you to get sick from eating foods with high levels of bacteria.

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