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While working in the crime-ridden South Bronx in the 1970s, he was prolific when it came to taking down the perps who shot at him, pulled knives and pummeled him with everything from fists to a tire iron.If cops had box scores, he’d be the Russell Westbrook of the NYPD.“They tell me that when I didn’t show up at her place, she had, like, two or three guys there waiting to execute me,” said Friedman.An informant got wind of the twisted murder plot and alerted police. After cheating death for many years, his NYPD swan song came courtesy of a car accident in 1983.2, 1970, during a time when the Big Apple was rotting from rampant crime and would soon be on the brink of financial disaster.A graduate of De Witt Clinton High School, Friedman grew up in the working class Fordham section of The Bronx with a stay-at-home-mother and a father who managed the San Carlos Hotel.

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Along with his 2,000 arrests, he assisted on more than 5,000.Then 34, he was heavily sedated for two weeks, and doctors said he only survived because he was in such pristine physical shape. I can’t move an inch in any direction without feeling a tremendous amount of pain. Friedman took years to fully recover and slowly eased into civilian life. I’ve seen people with their arms cut off, legs cut off, body parts. I could go out and eat pizza after all of this,” said Friedman, who now spends most of his days working on home-improvement projects. It was devastating.” Adding insult to injury, he was seeing seven women — all of whom showed up at the hospital. But on closer inspection, I realized that I’d been dating these women concurrently over the last year, and they all picked the same time to visit me,” said Friedman. “She must have had a good sense of humor.” She moved in with Friedman and helped him recover. He made more than 100 arrests while off-duty and was involved in 15 gun battles, shooting eight criminals and killing four.He collected 219 NYPD awards and 40 civilian honors.

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