Herpes dating in the uk

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The only true way not to get anything is to never have sex on any level at any time....does that not seem a little backwards and stupid?Since one in four women have herpes and one in five men have it, it seems only natural that you would discuss it and your choices as you would with any other disease that your partner could or could not receive by sharing body fluids with you on all levels in all places and at all times.....

I had an experience a while back in which a young lady informed me, prior to any sexual activity, that she had genital herpes.I am one of the lucky ones who is STD free and it has been both education and honesty and yes some caring and luck too..it can be done and your partner is just that....yours...treat them with respect and the honesty that you would want and deserve..... There are so many ways of dealing with a pesky STD... They would know their situation best, know their body...why give up the chance of a beautiful relationship over something so small ? ask them questions about it rather than getting all your information from the net, as they tend to pin point the worst of everything lol....I'm a very clean healthy person and would expect the same of whoever a potential partner may be. I know TWO PEOPLE who got it from oral-genital stimulation (and no, I never gave it to anyone, lol).Here is a response from one of the last herpes threads and what Babs said then and I responded to her....the way..is one of the best on here with thinking and saying her mind and I respect her much.... I know that this can happen to my partner if I'm not careful and feel that 'tingling' on the corner of my mouth. Did you also know that HSV-1 genitally is the most prevalent way of getting genital herpes these days?

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