Hilarious quotes about online dating

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Right now, I'm like, "That sounds amazing."“Good sex is like good bridge.

If you don't have a good partner, you'd better have a good hand.” In an interview with FHM, Fox told a reporter, "I have the libido of a 15-year-old boy. I'd rather have sex with Brian all the time than leave the house.

I was lost in the wormhole of online dating, and if I didn’t end the experiment, I would never leave the house again.

(Which would make my Emily Dickinson impression all the more authentic.)Of course, with all that interest, I might have actually met someone, if I had stuck with it. “Bespectacled writer disguises herself as Emily Dickinson and ends up falling in love with very own Thomas Wentworth Higginson!

People are drawn in by that image, and then they create their own fantasy on top of that. Maybe this wasn’t your run-of-the-mill Ok Cupid projection about a real-world woman.

An online dating site is really nothing more than layers upon layers of ego and insecurity. Maybe this was a step beyond that: a fantasy about an interesting, talented, Unfortunately, not everyone was in love with Emily.

Emily Dickinson, for example.”Emily Dickinson has long been my go-to gal amongst my single lady heroes.

Cameron Diaz told In a interview: "Sometimes I really just do feel like a fucking mess and slutty and out of control.

And sometimes I feel like, "Oh my god, I haven't had sex in months and I'm not looking to and I just want to watch in bed and make tea for myself." That's not an exaggeration.

We laughed, and then went on discussing our own dating disasters.

For the next week or so, I went about my business as usual, but this Emily Dickinson idea wouldn’t go away. It would be an interesting art project, if nothing else.

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