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While we can’t say either way whether Amelie really does have some form of autism, we can definitely say that she is one likable and interesting character.

Easily the most debated character on our list is Dr. Does Sheldon actually have Asperger’s, and if so, does the show make fun of those on the Spectrum or embrace them through such a quirky, yet lovable character?

As more and more children are diagnosed, and as more and more non-autistic children become surrounded by those on the spectrum, it is more important than ever that we achieve further “neurodiversity” in our entertainment.

Children without autism are likely to be more understanding of their autistic friends and classmates if they’ve seen Julia, the autistic character on Sesame Street.

Those are astounding rates considering autism was thought to affect only three people in 10,000 during the 1990s.And yet, despite any major increase in prevalence, very few book, television, or movie characters with autism spectrum conditions exist.Autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder, and there is no cure.While some of these characters are the creations of writers who have officially diagnosed them as autistic, others are pure speculation.Of those latter characters, we’ve been careful to include only those that many in the autism community claim as their own, and we’ve done our best to present the most accurate information regarding each character’s behavior.

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