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================== (Tube Inside Area calculations assume .049" wall thickness on 3" OD and smaller tubing and .060" wall thickness on 3 1/4" and larger tubing.) (The above Tube Area Differences chart is a smaller version of a much larger chart found in our Header Design Info Pak.) ================== RPM Range Definitions Throughout this website discussion often references various engine rpm ranges.

Considering engines capable of producing PEAK HP around 6000 rpm, we would define the rpm ranges as follows: "Bottom End", "Low End" - off-idle to 3000 rpm "Mid-range" - 3000 to 4500 rpm "Top End", "High End" - 4500 and higher rpm (These rpm ranges are approximate and would also vary proportionately as peak HP rpms go up or down.) Referencing to actual use: "Bottom End" covers rpms of stock or near stock stall convertors, rpms in town driving or cruising down highways, etc.; "Mid-range" might include max rpms used in street driving, rpms of higher stall convertors, some circle track and road course racing (rpms of engines as cars accelerate off corners, etc.; "Top End" might include rpms of VERY high stall convertors, engines of race cars whose transmission and rear end gears keep them running in a very narrow rpm band, etc.

Lots of header design discussion in a very different format!

=================== Lots still left to do to get everything transferred from the old website to this one.

But there's a problem: the laughs don't exist. Johnson says: "Here are the twins, Ug and Lee."Just so I don't sound like a complete sour grape, there is one great scene involving a boatload of topless babes.

There was one funny joke and it was given away in the previews. If you happen to catch this movie on cable, that scene is worth waiting for.

) ================== TUBE AREA DIFFERENCES or Decreases in Exhaust Gas Velocities as Tube Sizes Increase Area Header Area Increase Tube Increase Over Outside Over Next Second Diameter Smaller Next (inches) Tube Smaller Tube 1.00 -- -- 1.125 29.6% -- 1.25 25.8% 63.1% 1.375 22.9% 54.6% 1.50 20.5% 48.1% 1.625 18.6% 43.0% 1.75 17.0% 38.8% 1.875 15.7% 35.4% 2.00 14.6% 32.6% 2.125 13.6% 30.1% 2.25 12.7% 28.0% 2.375 12.0% 26.2% 2.50 11.3% 24.6% 2.625 10.7% 23.2% 2.75 10.1% 21.9% 2.875 9.6% 20.8% 3.00 9.2% 19.7% 3.25 16.3% 27.0% 3.50 16.6% 35.7% 3.75 15.3% 34.5% 4.00 14.2% 31.8% 4.25 13.3% 29.4% 4.50 12.5% 27.4% 4.75 11.7% 25.7% 5.00 11.1% 24.1% 5.25 10.5% 22.8% 5.50 10.0% 21.5% 5.75 9.5% 20.4% 6.00 9.1% 19.5% Keep in mind that, as the tube size increases, exhaust gas velocity INSIDE the tube at any given RPM decreases.The two friends then not only have to deal with unsatisfied customers but also the FBI.This is one awful, awful comedy and a waste of a fine cast.The tune was written by Lynch with Ross Copperman and Lee Thomas Miller, and like the majority of the album, peers into his life as one of country music's most eligible bachelors.," Lynch tells Rolling Stone Country."A lot of folks can relate to that."Many can no doubt also relate to the place the "Small Town Boy" singer found him when the process of putting together the album, which follows the sonically different Where It's At, released three years ago. [and then went] to hating someone and kind of coming to terms with myself on what I wanted to be as a person," he says.

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