Housewives dating

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Porsha is literally bonkers and Who does a sake bomb on a first date?He literally says, “All beautiful women have something off about them.” OH NO, SIR.Flicker's relationship-advice book Write Your Own Fairy Tale was published by New American Library in September 2015.That same year, she joined the cast of the seventh season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.Apparently, Shereé was posing during a visit with a T-shirt that said “Wifey.” Shereé tells Porsha that when Tyrone gets out of jail, she’d be ready to marry him.That gets Porsha thinking: If Cynthia has a man and Shereé has a prison boyfriend, why can’t she get somebody?She knows that her kids have read about it online, so she just wants to know what they think.

It’s pretty sweet and there’s nothing really to snark about here. Meanwhile, Cynthia is going on a double date with Kandi and Todd so they can meet Will.

Cynthia is mostly worried that the sex might be bad.

My favorite moment is when Cynthia reveals that just because Will isn’t getting any doesn’t mean that Cynthia hasn’t been either. I want a Fat Joe or a Big Pun.” She’s referring to Will’s penis.

Cynthia stops by a construction site where Peter is going to be working on another bar and restaurant in Atlanta.

Why are these people always trying to open restaurants?

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